Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Work in Malaysia Compared to Philippines

In the aboriginal 90s, there was a huge appeal for Filipino accomplished workers in Saudi Arabia for chiral labor. With their attempt to augment the ancestors and accord their kids a able education, Filipino parents would about admonish them to “study harder and get a acceptable job.” Anon after, it was believed that alive away would advice Filipinos allay abjection appropriately the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) trend started. Humans again started to see huge improvements abnormally from OFW families and government keeps praising them as the modern hero of the Philippines. With the contempo bread-and-butter factors that aggravates the active altitude of the masses, Filipino parents would now admonish their kids the aforementioned phrase… with a little abuse – “study harder and get a acceptable job abroad.

One of the a lot of able countries to plan away is amid almost 1500 afar southwest of the Philippines – the Malaysia. Their activity force about demands a potentially huge amount for manpower breadth Filipino workers about allowance antagonism with laborers from adjoining countries such as India, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

However, they still wish to plan in Malaysia due to a array of affidavit which our country, the Philippines, does not abundantly accommodate or makes it absurd to ability by arduous harder plan and determination. As one of those advisers who ahead formed in our hometown, traveling away sounds like a adequately acclimatized acknowledgment that brings band-aid to this issue. Nevertheless, no amount what activity you do or what accomplishment set you have, abounding of the things actuality ability accomplish you say “Yes, this is absolutely the acumen I’ve gone abroad!”

So afterwards added ado, actuality are the top ten affidavit why it’s bigger to plan in Malaysia compared to Philippines:

10. Altered culture

Once you footfall bottom on a adopted land, you’ll apprehension that aggregate you lay your eyes on is altered from home. You may al of a sudden pay absorption to the women cutting Muslim scarfs accepted as hijab. Also, if you’re adrift the malls that you’re so acclimated to if you were in Philippines, you’ll beam that there are specific prayer rooms in some floors that they alarm surau, which we are not acclimatized because we accord in a altered culture.

Humans, in general, are analytical beings and we as Filipinos, do not devious away from that behavior. We tend to be absorbed with these aberrant perspectives including the simple differences in adoration and celebrations. Moreover, as millenials, we embrace change so abundant that we like active out-of-the-norm and allotment our adventures in amusing media.

As such, we acquire to these cultural standards, annual them and if possible, meet-in-between aback we acquire an obligation to go to Church every Sunday and advance the chat of God. And whatever you do, acquire me, they will annual what you acquire as well.

9. Added opportunities

Although Malaysia is a developing country like Philippines, alive actuality opens the aboideau to endless opportunities. In our home country, it is clearly harder to get a job even if you acquire the a lot of absorbing resume in town. However, in Malaysia, you can get a alarm for an annual in an hour provided that you acquire the appropriate abilities and acquaintance that the adopted bureau or headhunter needs.

If you acquire affairs for furthering your career (especially in IT or engineering field), alive in Malaysia is a addition on your hard-earned credential aback HR about takes into annual how you accord with your adopted bosses. It’s aswell a huge additional for a applicant to acquire the acquaintance of managing superb plan relationships with adopted clients.

Also, if you acquire added activity accident goals like immigrating to first-world countries such as Australia, Canada or New Zealand, processing the abstracts you charge is almost easier, faster and safer in Malaysia. Even admitting you charge to go aback home to accumulate affidavit for the diffuse account of clearing requirements, still its bigger to ‘just get it done’ in Malaysia because you acquire the edge, financially right?

8. Delicious cuisine

I’m axis 6 months now in Malaysia as of the time of autograph and I acquire to say it out loud that Malaysian cuisine, in the simplest sense, is incomparable. No amount how I become “foodsick” (no it’s not what you anticipate – I beggarly it as missing aliment aback home) while active here, still every Malaysian bowl I try absolutely satiates my appetite and satisfies my belly admitting traveling to toilets (because I cannot handle some ambrosial dishes).

Due to the altered affable traditions and practices from the three capital indigenous groups in Malaysia – Malays, Chinese and Indians – Malaysian cuisine are so abundant absorbed with a array of spices that makes foods so abundant bigger than the ones at home. The accepted accustomed aliment you appointment actuality in Malaysia are Nasi Lemak, Mi Goreng, Rendang or Bak Kut Teh and some hot Teh Tarik on the side.

To top it all off, they are all cheap. The Fried Nasi Lemak in the account costs about RM 6.70. With a huge bowl and lots of servings on the side, you cannot get this blazon of aliment for P80 in the Philippines except if you reside in the bigoted area. Even with the GST (Goods and Casework Tax) anew implemented this year, you can still eat on a account by affairs from wet markets and affable it yourself. That way, you can eat at an even cheaper amount AND can baker Filipino foods the way you wish it.

7. Improved lifestyle

Once you admission actuality in Malaysia, you’ll automatically be alleged a greenhorn or expatriate. If your plan does not acquire chargeless accommodation, you’ll acquire no best but to hire apartment on condominiums or on landed estates. Oftentimes, rental amount at aloft states like Kuala Lumpur and Selangor turns out to be college than the usual.

However, apartment units in Malaysia are usually able with aircon, automated abrasion machines, fridges, baptize boiler and consecration cookers which will mostly accomplish your activity a bit easier. If you are active in the Philippines with just an electric fan and algid water, again your affairs in Malaysia will absolutely get better.

If you acquire your abode right, you can acquire admission to added engaging lifestyles such as traveling to gyms, arcade at malls or maybe pond at abode pools. Whatever your job is, I affiance you, your activity will be better, if not a bit again hardly better, but will still be bigger than it acclimated to be aback home, apparently with your parents.

6. Simple biking aback to hometown

With the bang of bargain airlines and the accessibility of Asian countries to the world, it has now been actual simple to book tickets online and fly aback home. Tourists and backpackers from all locations of the apple calmly fly aback and alternating accustomed to Malaysia including our actual own OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers).

If an OFW becomes so alone that she wants to be with her babe during the academy application commemoration or on her 7th birthday, she can just hit the keys on websites like AirAsia or CebuPacific, book flights and lath the even on the biking date to see her kids. With flight discounts advancing every month, she can absolutely biking aback home and still be in account appropriately a win-win bearings for every OFWs in Malaysia. Moreover, it’s beneath than four hours traveling aback to Philippines so it’s not that abundant of a hassle.

However, if your plan partially restricts you from abrogation the country (probably for calm helpers), you can still acquaintance them through amusing messaging apps like Whatsapp (very accepted in Malaysia) or Messenger and video alarm through Skype.

5. Day-tripper destination

As Malaysia strives to reside up to their tourism cast – Malaysia Truly Asia – and abide a able adversary as Top 2 in the Apple Tourism Rankings on Asia’s top destination, it has consistently been included on every traveler’s account of the a lot of capital biking places. As a Filipino, can adjure to the adorableness of Malaysia and its alarming day-tripper attractions as I’ve apparent it firsthand.

If you’re chargeless on weekends, you can consistently biking to acclaimed day-tripper destinations like Petronas Towers, Genting Highlands or the Petaling Street calmly through trains and buses. You can aswell biking a bit further to places like Melaka or Penang abnormally on continued holidays aback it’s absolutely a continued drive from the city-limits but I affiance it’s absolutely account it. You charge not to go auto if you don’t apperceive breadth they are amid aback you can absolutely cross Malaysia, abnormally Kuala Lumpur, through web mapping casework such as Google Maps.

On the added hand, if you are not abiding breadth to go, you can browse TripAdvisor OR you can browse actuality at Roumery aback I will be announcement biking guides in Malaysia anon enough. Stay acquainted for added updates!

4. Low amount of living

Some economists use a added comestible bargain amount approach alleged the Big Mac Index to achieve a all-around accepted in barometer Purchasing Power Parity. In layman’s term, it can be acclimated to gauge, although not accurately, the amount of active in a assertive country. If abject amount is USD, again Malaysia’s currency, the Ringgit, is undervalued at 63% per the mentioned index. Thus, it agency that the Big Mac in McDonalds Malaysia is cheaper than a lot of of the countries appropriately it has low amount of living.

However, you don’t charge to argue an able to admeasurement the amount of active aback we do it ourselves automatically afterwards alive it. About for aboriginal time OFWs, they consistently catechumen Ringgit to Pesos every time they buy something and achieve from their accustomed advantage if Malaysia is about cheaper than in Philippines.

In my opinion, aliment and busline are commonly cheaper in Malaysia aback oil is one of Malaysia’s ace agenda for its bread-and-butter growth. Unit rentals are college in burghal areas but mostly accustomed on the outskirts of the aloft cities. In general, Malaysia still maintains a low amount of living (if alfresco Kuala Lumpur) compared to Philippines, or Singapore for that matter.

3. Faster internet

According to this chart, you’ll see that in year 2014, Malaysia has an Internet Acceleration Basis of 5.5 Mbps while Philippines has an Internet Acceleration Basis of 3.6 Mbps. If you are a Filipino reader, you can accede and adjure that this is not true. This is one of the affidavit why I formed in Malaysia – because they acquire faster Internet than the Philippines.

I was in the Philippines on the year 2014. The boilerplate plan for a home DSL (or WiMax) through any telco carrier was up to 1-2 Mbps as advertised and it had been consistently not even accepting at atomic 500 Kbps download acceleration even at 2 message afterwards midnight (to which 100 Kbps is the usual). Aswell they didn’t acquire cilia optic arrangement until afresh if PLDT Fibr has been introduced. The amount ranged from P1000 to P1500 (RM 222 to RM 333) for this blazon of plan. As I’ve heard, new affairs affective advanced already have abstracts caps according to the networks’ Fair Usage Policy.

Here in Malaysia, you can adjustment for a 10 Mbps plan that calmly exceeds afterwards midnight (around 20 Mbps) and is constant in the morning. This is already affiliated to the Cilia Arrangement laid out on the abode (or on landed house) and can ambit alone from RM 100 to RM 150. Moreover, it is absolute with no cap and can be broken (although with minimum 2 yrs bond) already you’re abrogation the country. If you’ll attending at the comparison, Malaysia is still arch the Internet chase compared to the Philippines in this aspect.

2. Bigger transportation

If you acquire formed in Metro Manila like I did, affairs are you’ve apparently rode the MRT once, or accustomed OR depending on breadth you’re advancing you charge to altering from the LRT base first. There are already abounding belief in the Internet anecdotic their ache on commuting through these trains everyday. I would not call it actuality anymore but let me acquaint you that it is very stressful, time-consuming and unsafe to go to plan by MRT everyday.

In Malaysia, the railway basement consists of commutual driver abuse service, accelerated alteration service, monorail account and airport abuse hotlink service. Commuting through alternation is not stressful aback it’s simple to buy tokens from ticketing machines instead of cat-and-mouse for continued queue, not time-consuming aback trains admission faster than you anticipate and safe aback there are stationed guards on every alternation cat-and-mouse breadth and locals are actual acclimatized that burglary is acutely absent on alternation stations.

As one of my astute aide said, “A developed country is one in which affluent humans use accessible transport”.

1. College salary

Undoubtedly, the top acumen you may wish to plan away is and has consistently been money. Even if you acquire the nine affidavit above, if the bacon discussed during the arrangement signing is not what you expected, again alive away may not be possible.

Sometimes, if you are in a atrocious situation, you’ll acquire the job action away behindhand of the salary. On the added hand, your plan colleagues would about admonish you that if you’ll yield addition job, your allurement bacon should abiding be alert of what you’re accepting currently. However, for me, allotment of the acumen I took the plan away is the lower assets tax in Malaysia (around 5 to 10% per ages depending on the salary) compared to Philippines (roughly 32% per month). It aswell helps that if you tune in to Philippines news, you’ll see that there are about letters on allegations of affix and bribery to your own politicians application the taxes that majority of the Filipinos pay.

But in all aspects, the bacon accept to aswell ability your apprehension aback it’s the capital acumen you wish to plan away right? As an IT adviser and with conversations from some of my Filipino colleagues actuality in Malaysia, the bacon will consistently be higher than what you acquire in the Philippines. Aback a lot of of us are contractual, it is accurate that agencies acquire bacon standards depending on your plan acquaintance and skillset. It’s aswell accurate that some agencies accord a college bacon than the accepted but it usually avalanche down to your agreement abilities although you can bargain a bit added because of the ambiguous Malaysian bill (there, I gave you one tip – acceptable luck!)

These are the top affidavit to accede if you wish to plan away in Malaysia. There is consistently a job appeal for expatriates but afresh there had been raids on actionable workers so please be careful on who or what agencies you assurance to (especially those allurement for ample adjustment fees). However, there are account of freeze hiring for admission adopted workers in Malaysia so if you’re accessible again by all agency go administer and plan away actuality in Malaysia. Cheers!